Soil Projects

Axis personnel have over 25 years designing and implementing soil projects that range from relatively simple soil investigation and remediation projects to complex geotechnical investigations.

Key Issue

Thoughtfully design and implement soil projects to efficiently meet client, regulatory, and design requirements.

Our Soil Practice Area includes a wide variety of environmental and geotechnical projects including:

Lagoon and small dam embankment evaluations
Sludge solidification and stabilization
Facility foundation designs
Embankment slope stability analysis
Sheet pile installations
Slurry walls used for groundwater control
Chemically impacted soil sampling and analysis
Remediation designs
Remediation construction

Axis works exclusively for private industry on RCRA, CERCLA, VCUP, and industrial sites all over the nation. For example, John Billiard is the Engineer-of-Record on a 600-acre RCRA site where 9 SWMUs were characterized, excavated, and backfilled. Work also included removing and solidifying sludge from a 12-acre lagoon and removing an old landfill. The excavated SWMU soil, solidified sludge, and old landfill were placed into a 140,000 cy on-site CAMU (i.e. landfill) capped with an impermeable liner and soil cover.

Other soil projects we have worked on include:

Investigated a 200-acre sensitive wetlands area where impacts were found in fractured bedrock.

Investigated and then designed a two-mile long 85-foot deep slurry wall to encompass a large 450-acre landfill with DNAPL impacts in both soil and groundwater.

Investigated, designed, and remediated hydrocarbon refinery and terminal sites with NAPL impacts that impacted nearby rivers and wetlands.

Industrial site with lead impacts in the soil.