Remediation Projects

Remediation projects include water, groundwater, stormwater, soil, sludge, and sediments.

Key Issue

Cost effective site remediation using reliable data, clear and innovative designs, and capable project management/oversight.


Impacts include free-phase hydrocarbons (NAPLs) and solvents (NAPLs and DNAPLs), dissolved volatile organic carbon compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and inorganic compounds in a variety of geologic settings.

We’ve designed and implemented a wide variety of remediation projects from simple excavations to complex lagoon closures. Sites have been located near rivers, large wetlands, residential neighborhoods, industrial facilities, above the Arctic Circle, on an island in the Caribbean, and all over our nation.

We have conducted design-construct via self-perform remediation as well as design-bid-construct with engineering oversight and project management.