Management and Oversight

Our projects range from simple investigations to complex remediation designs and installations.
All of our projects share a common goal of successful project management and/or field oversight.

Key Issue

Ensure the entire Project Team has continuous access to updated management information.

We know from experience that success is not an accident, but the result of:

1) Careful Planning
  • Investigations
  • Data Collection
  • Designs
Careful Planning
Proper Execution
2) Proper Execution
  • Defined Scope of Work
  • Good Contracts
  • Skilled Oversight
3) Excellent Communication
  • Multiple Owner Representatives
  • Contractors
  • Schedules
Excellent Communication
Project Ownership
4) Project Ownership
  • Project Team with Authority and Responsibility to Meet Deadlines

We developed our Axis Group Management Portal to facilitate communication between various project interests and team members. With the proper login information, a project team member will have access to daily reports, project photos, weekly meeting minutes, project schedules, and financial information including cost-to-date, and predicted cost-to-complete.

With the executive login credentials, a concise summary (daily, weekly, monthly) is provided that brings key information to the forefront. This minimizes executive oversight review time and focuses on what is truly important.