Groundwater Remediation Projects

Our groundwater remediation projects range from simple monitoring wells to complex extraction, treatment, and injection in various settings. Geology ranges from homogeneous sandy units to complex fractured and faulted settings.

Key Issue

Design and implement groundwater remediation programs to quickly bring sites to closure.

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater impacts that are addressed include VOCs, SVOCs, inorganic compounds, LNAPLs (e.g. hydrocarbon) and DNAPLs (solvents and heavy-end hydrocarbons).

Groundwater flow models including relatively simple analytical models, complex three-dimensional flow models, and multi-fluid flow models are used to assist us in designing an efficient groundwater remediation program.

We’ve remediated sites using a variety of techniques including SVE, slurry walls, groundwater extraction wells, multi-phase extraction wells, injection wells, chemical injection, and NAPL recovery. Sites have ranged from small (e.g. gas stations) to large sites hundreds of acres in size. Several of our sites have been next to sensitive wetlands and rivers and require special attention to ensure minimal environmental disruption.

We’ve successfully remediated a Superfund Operable Unit to the point that it is now in the process of being delisted (expected by the end of 2014). Another large groundwater aquifer restoration program is only a few years from completion.